Property Highlights

By vehicle, 15655 Arnold Drive is 5 minutes from Glen Ellen, about 10 minutes from Sonoma Plaza (with access to all the eateries, entertainment and shops that they have to offer), 2-3 minutes to Sonoma Highway at Madronne Rd, and in moderate traffic about a one-hour drive to the City of San Francisco.

By the time you reach the property’s main entrance on Arnold Drive, much of the busier Sonoma traffic has been left-behind. Turning down the long main drive from Arnold, you enter a 77 acre property enclosed by creeks on three sides and encircled by large trees. The expanses of trees, rolling vineyards and fields quickly make Arnold Drive and neighboring properties seem to disappear.

The topography of the property is wonderful. From hill to vale there is a difference of about 50 to 60 feet of elevation defining rolling hills and sloping land. Not only does this make for beautiful views, it provides areas for prominent building sites and corridors from those sites that provide fabulous views.

There are also impressive views of the surrounding mountains from nearly every location on the property.

The main building areas of the property are located on high-ground at the end of the central main drive. There is a particular area, higher than the rest and gifted with spectacular old oak trees, that would be perfect for the site of the main residence (the former residence was located here but was removed to make way for the new.)

The property and some structures have both electricity and natural gas provided by PG&E and water is provided by the Valley of Moon Water District. Additionally there is an operating well and a 2 acre reservoir that reportedly can contained as much as 27 acre feet of water. Riparian water-rights on Sonoma Creek permit the property access to a natural source of water from the creek when the right conditions are in effect.

The property has a septic system for the residential buildings and for a 5,000 case winery. Studies show the feasibility of increasing the septic fields for a 20,000 case winery. There are also studies for the replacement of structures and additional development.

The property has a permitted Winery and Vineyards. In the current “very-unfavorable” governmental approval and permitting process for vineyards and wineries in Sonoma and Napa Counties and with so few parcels remaining, this property offers an existing winery permit with 5,000 case production, a winery permit for up to 20,000 cases, a winery building and approximately 47 acres of permitted vineyard.

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